State: Georgia
City: Atlanta
Zip code: 30344
Type: Pets

At Hierarchy Kennel We are breeders of the rare Italian Mastiff known as the Cane Corso. We are extremely selective about which dogs we allow in our breeding program and host some of the top Italian and American lines in the world today. We strive to breed dogs of superior type with stable temperaments and correct standard, without sacrificing the ability to still function as working dogs. We breed for substance of body, masculine head studies, bone structure, and performance oriented, active Corso. We target the intended type, temperament and natural instincts originally established in the breed long ago. Each litter of puppies is carefully planned to improve the breed here in America as well as around the World.
A Cane Corso is a very social dog and should be a member of your family, not just another kennel dog. Our dogs are part of our family and have good and stable temperaments. We take raising our puppies very seriously and only plan a few litters a year, to give each puppy the best possible start to life with maximum human contact. It requires a lot of time and socialization from the breeder to produce a truly confident Cane Corso.
Purchasing a Cane Corso is a huge investment of time and money. Please do your research and become familiar with the different breeders and bloodlines before you chose which breeder and puppy is the right one for you. The right bloodlines and early socialization will make a huge difference.  ??
Hierarchy Cane Corso are temperament tested and are capable of competing in the show ring, as well as protection work. A confident Cane Corso will be great with your kids and an unmatched protector against intruders. They are a very intelligent and dominant breed and need an owner who can take proper leadership. Extremely loyal, these Mastiffs will be a brave protector of both owner and property. Once you have one, you will never want to own any other breed.
Hierarchy Cane Corsos are AKC registered, puppies are sold with health guarantees, life-time breeder support, dewormed, dewclaws & tail removed, vaccinated, and examined by our veterinarian prior to being placed in your care.??Hierarchy Cane Corso are valued members of the family. They sleep inside with us, play outside during the day, get a lot of attention, go on vacations, outings and ride along in the car while we run errands, etc. The dogs are almost never without human interaction.
Hierarchy Cane Corso Goal - is to aid in the preservation of this rare and noble breed through a breeding program designed to promote overall health, stable temperament and appearance as stated by the AKC/FCI standard, using dogs from proven lines.  We do obedience, agility and protection work with our dogs and show in conformation.   We are committed To You and Your Family Old Style Corsos of Substance who Protect and Defend, dedicated to produce old style Cane Corso.?? 
We are located in Atlanta, Georgia, If you would like to visit our kennel, feel free to contact us to arrange a visit. We are always more than happy to have visitors. If you are lucky enough to become the owner of one of our home raised, Italian Mastiff puppies, we offer quality customer support long after your puppy leaves our home.
The strength of Hierarchy breeding program lies in our tenacity. Our tenacity is supported by our ethics, and our ethics are motivated by our passion!
Hierarchy Kennel Cane Corso
Dionne Johnson