Seller: kellyadkins
State: Georgia
City: Atlanta
Zip code: 30329
Type: Pets

We are a family run business and have been selling fish for over 15 years all our fish are quarantined for over 2 weeks and will not be sold until they are eating and in full health we like to sell a good mix of wild caught imported fish along side our many varieties of tank bred stock we also stock everything that is necessary for keeping a good aquarium including foods stone and sand rocks tanks lighting filters please call for details all our prices are very competitive and are generally cheaper then your local pet shops and aquariums
    2.5-3cm indo 5 bar tiger dats
    3-3.5cm green terrors
    2.5-3cm frontosa
    5cm tiger shovel nose
    5cm red tailed cat fish
    15cm alligator gar
    12-13cm silver arowana
    6-6.5 peacock bass ocularis
    1.5cm neon tetras
    27" silver arowana
    21" tiger shovel nose
    17" peacock bass
    10"-12" vegas
    5"-10" pleco
    9" jaguar
    6"-12" tiger oscar
    17" red tailed catfish
    6"-14" marble lung fish
    8"-12" clarius catfish
    3"-6" rapheal
    1"-2" blue dolphin cichlid
    1"-2" taiwan reef cichlid
    1"-2" eastern blue cichlid
    1"-2" banana red eyed cichlid
    1"-2" green terror
    3"-4" real leaf fish
    7"-10" rope fish
    3"-5" wolf fish SOLD
    3"-5" pink dragon fin flowerhorn
    3"-5" sunspot catfish
    4"-6" peacock snake head
    7"-9" fire eel
    2"-3" wicky catfish
    3"-6'" asian catfish
    4"-6" pair green texas SOLD
    4"-5" convict cichlid
    4"-5" pink convict cichlid
    4"-6" green severum trio
    10"-12" tiger oscar
    also available 5"-7" motoro stingrays
    8" butterfly koi
    18" butterfly koi
    10"-12" blue shubkin
 if interested in purchase please contact us back for more details with your email address and phone number,as we also do have the acrylic fish tanks available.